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The RBaby RealStories site - celebrating the gift of life.

So many families go through life changing, touching and unfortunately devastating experiences with their babies every year.  Some babies survive a challenging, urgent medical issue and some babies don’t. We at R baby, know firsthand, how emotional these experiences and losses are.

R Baby Real Stories site is a chance for parents or family members to share their personal stories, photos and videos that commemorate the life of their baby or child while also educating others about their specific experiences that may help to care for their families in the future.

This site brings together a community of those who wish to share their true stories, educate others and improve the quality of healthcare for infants. It also empowers parents to be advocats for their families in emergency situations. At Rbaby Real Stories, we encourage you to create your child’s story, to bring any ideas of improving infant healthcare to our attention, to visit other people’s stories and ideas and to get in touch with parents of stories that resonated.

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