Creating and Managing my RealStory
How do I start creating a RealStory?
You can click on the Create Story tab at the top of any RBabyRealStories page, or click the Begin button on the home page. Then, you can start the easy 5 step process. If you have more questions, check out the How It Works tab at the top of any RBabyRealStories page.
What does a completed RealStory look like?
You can view an example of a RealStory here.
Can anyone upload content to a RealStory?
No. Only the story creator is able to enter content into the RealStory. Visitors will be able to email the story creator through the story creator link in the top right hand corner of the RealStory. (we will not post your email address, only provide a contact button). It is solely up to the discretion of the storyl creator to post additional content.
Can I change my RealStory after it’s live on the internet?
Yes, you are able to modify any content at any time as long as you log in as the story creator.
How many photos, video and audio files can I upload to a RealStory?
You can post up to 100 MB of data. This equates to roughly 150 photos and twenty 30 second videos. We provide a MB counter while you create your RealStory so you know how much storage you have used.
Uploading Images, Video and Audio Tips

What photo, video and audio file types do you accept?
We accept the following image formats:
We accept the following video formats:
We accept the following audio formats:

Can I remove a Message?
Yes, if you are not comfortable with a message that has been posted on your RealStory, you can log-in as the story creator and remove it.

Can I remove a story?

You can use the contact section to let us know that you want to remove a story. We will follow up on your request as soon as possible.